Managers, Can You Hear Me Now?: Hard-Hitting Lessons on How to Get Real Results, by Denny Strigl and Frank Swiatek


Apart from Bialystock and Bloom, the titular characters from “The Producers,” nobody in their right mind sets out to be a bad manager or leader, right? But for some reason, bad management happens… Denny Strigl, former CEO of Verizon Wireless and author of Managers, Can You Hear Me Now? instructs’s readers on the finer points of managing to lead (rather than, well, just managing to manage).

Among Denny’s “Don’ts”:

  • Failure to build trust and integrity. Poor executives often fail to build trust initially, or they erode trust during daily  interactions and operations.
    Without trust, there can be little cooperation  between team members. This results in little risk taking, diminished  confidence among employees, and a loss of communication throughout the company.
  • Focusing on things that don’t really matter. Executives who struggle spend too much time focused on things that don’t really matter. If it  doesn’t fit into one of the Four Fundamentals: growing revenue, getting new  customers, keeping the customers they already have, or eliminating costs, they  should rethink what they are doing.
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