Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book, Fourth Edition; Calvin Ezrin; 0071745262Can an extreme eight-week diet of 600 calories a day reverse Type 2 diabetes in people newly diagnosed with the disease?

Researchers at Newcastle University found that a low-calorie diet reduced fat levels in the pancreas and liver — and that this reduction helped return patients’ insulin production return to normal.  Seven out of 11 people studied were free of diabetes three months later, say findings published in the journal.

Type 2 diabetes affects 2.5m people in the UK and an estimated 25.8 million adults and children in the US. It develops when not enough insulin is produced in the body or the insulin that is made by the body doesn’t work properly. When this happens, glucose — a type of sugar — builds up in the blood instead of being broken down into energy or fuel which the body needs.

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