The Power of foursquare; Carmine Gallo; 0071636080

First it was USA Today, then it was the New York Times – it seems that everywhere you look these days, the business world is buzzing about location-based service foursquare. And with good reason: this week foursquare announced that its users topped 10 million, up 100% from December. The service also records 3 million check-ins worldwide…daily!

As USA Today quoted it: “Like other social networks, Foursquare is looking to “bridge the last mile between social consumers and the businesses around them,” says Brian Solis, an analyst at the Altimeter Group. “Foursquare is also competing against digital literacy, or the lack thereof. Business owners don’t have a grasp of how these overwhelming arrays of social networks will help them.” Solis says Foursquare needs a team of representatives to help businesses understand the opportunity.

So a new book on foursquare for business coming out this October couldn’t be timed better. Carmine Gallo, bestselling author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, has been studying foursquare for the past year for his upcoming book, The Power of foursquare. The book will draw on insider access to foursquare executives and case studies from top brands and businesses to show businesses of any size how to:

Connect Your Brand

Harness New Fans

Engage Your Followers

Create Rewards

Knock Out the Competition

Incentivize Your Customers

Never Stop Entertaining