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Failure Is Not An Option: The Nalco Company’s Guide to Common Causes of Boiler Problems

This practical, up-to-date guide, filled with more than 200 color images, offers you the techniques necessary to identify and eliminate the common causes of boiler failure.  LearnMore
Money Does Grow on Trees, But You Have to Plant Them First

Money Does Grow on Trees, But You Have to Plant Them First

As Rupert Scofield, cofounder and president of FINCA International, will tell you, the process of starting up and running a non-profit organization, while risky, isn’t as difficult as you might think. Practically speaking, you need only two things: an idea and a plan. The former comes from you and you alone. The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook...  LearnMore
Everyone has a Mountain Within

Everyone has a Mountain Within

Herta Von Stiegel, CEO of Ariya Capital, climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro with a group of able-bodied and disabled climbers. During this expedition, she discovered key lessons about management and team work that she shares with today’s global businessleaders.   LearnMore

Troubleshooting Electric Motors? We’ve Got That Covered.

“Effective electric motor maintenance and troubleshooting require a complete understanding of a motor’s internal structure, says expert author Augie Hand.  LearnMore

Bestselling author Jeffrey Liker and Timothy Ogden on “The Aftermath of 3 Crises: The Power of The Toyota Way”

The greatest recession since World War II followed by one of the largest recall crises in automotive history followed by the worst earthquake of the century in Japan—not a fun 3 years by any standards.  One would think Toyota has been seriously weakened, perhaps permanently.  Certainly it is bruised, but by no means down for...  LearnMore
The "Fundamental Disconnect" in Raising Capital

The “Fundamental Disconnect” in Raising Capital

  Pitch Anything author Oren Klaff delivered the closing Keynote at the 2nd Annual Buying & Selling Distressed Mortgage Portfolio Forum, sponsored by National Mortgage News. In his presentation Klaff discussed the challenges of overcoming the “Fundamental Disconnec:t to raise capital:  LearnMore

SHRM 2011 Schedule: Freebies, Contests, Author Signings, and More.

Attending SHRM 2011? Be sure to visit us at Booth #1119 for giveaways, FREE one-on-one HR coaching, and to experience the latest breakthrough ideas in HR and training. We look forward to seeing you there!  LearnMore
My Greatest Sale Ever

My Greatest Sale Ever

Sometimes it’s not the dollar figure that counts. Mark Rodgers, author of Accelerate the Sale, shares the story of his greatest sale ever. It all started when a recently-divorced dad walked into the shop…    LearnMore

Business Insider Book Review: The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead

via Jim Blankenship: “Foremost, this book can serve as a primer for anyone that needs to organize the activity of marketing in literally any size of business.  The book takes the reader through concepts such as understanding the core of the business, developing a foundation for your marketing and communications, utilizing technology to communicate effectively...  LearnMore

Book Review: The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble

via Cathy Curtis: “Koesterich does an excellent job of describing the ways to invest in these different asset classes and the book is a useful investment primer. He explains his recommendations in just enough detail and again, in prose that most investors can understand. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get...  LearnMore
See More. Hear More. Learn More. It's All at InfoComm 2011

See More. Hear More. Learn More. It’s All at InfoComm 2011

The entire AV communications world converges on the magic kingdom as InfoComm 2011, takes over Orlando, Florida, June 11 – 17 — and McGraw-Hill will be there to introduce an exciting new publication for professionals who are seeking Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) credentials.  LearnMore

Who wouldn’t love a light seeking microbot made from toothbrush motors?

Introducing Snailbot  LearnMore