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Checks, Balances, and the Debt Ceiling Crisis

Is our checks and balances system of government the root cause of the impending debt ceiling crisis? Based on theories in his book and teachings, Reputation Rules author Daniel Diermeier points out the risk of holding out for the optimal scenario in a bargaining situation like the one with which the President and Congress are...  LearnMore

Can You Crack the Sales Management Code?

Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazzana of sales force consulting and training firm Vantage Point Performance sifted through mountains of sales data, tools, and metrics. What they discovered surprised them:  LearnMore
Who's Your Biggest Fan?

Who’s Your Biggest Fan?

The path to business success can take you in countless directions, but a dramatic increase in revenues comes down to one simple principle: Market to the people who spend the most!  LearnMore
Thanks for Visiting Us at SHRM 2011!

Thanks for Visiting Us at SHRM 2011!

SHRM 2011 was a huge success for us–and we have you to thank!   LearnMore

How to Launch a Bestselling Book by Being Likeable

The New York Times, USA Today, and The Denver Post loved Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen — and enough of you agreed to make the book a bestseller!  But going from idea to book to “must-read” is a long road — one which Megan McMahon of Likeable Media helps us navigate through the magic of...  LearnMore

“Sociable Medicine”: Personal Skills Matter When Applying to Medical School

Administrators at medical schools are finding that social skills and teamwork play a huge role in a future physicians success–or so a report in The New York Times indicates.   LearnMore

The Burden of Debt is Nothing New to America

“The United States’ debt is so huge it threatens to destroy the nation.” While this may seem like a headline from today’s news, the irrefutable truth is, America’s ship of state has floated on a sea of red ink since the nation’s birth.  LearnMore
What's Your Greatest Sale? Tell Us and You Could Win $1000

What’s Your Greatest Sale? Tell Us and You Could Win $1000

Mark Rodgers, sale guru and author of Accelerate the Sale sat down with Selling Power to tell the story of his greatest sale ever. And now Mark wants to hear about YOUR greatest close–tell us and you could be $1000 richer!  LearnMore

How Do Your Students Overcome Their Toughest Spanish Grammar Challenges?

We asked Spanish professors which subjects their students struggled with most.  The responses? “Muy interesante”  LearnMore
Announcing an Important Step in the Evolution of Digital Publishing

Announcing an Important Step in the Evolution of Digital Publishing

Introducing the McGraw-Hill eBook Library™  LearnMore

Spanish Preterit and Imperfect Got You Down?

Are you studying Spanish and having trouble learning the Preterite? Struggling with the Imperfect? Ser and Estar got you down? No one ever said learning Spanish would be easy, but you know what they do say: Practice Makes Perfect!  LearnMore

Leadership Lessons: the View from Up There

What does global businesswoman Herta Von Stiegel’s climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro have to do with solving the crisis of leadership that the business world is experiencing today?  LearnMore