Introducing the McGraw-Hill eBook Library™

McGraw-Hill Professional recently launched the McGraw-Hill eBook Library™, a state-of-the-art platform that enables institutions to deliver access to outstanding content when and where its needed most.

What makes McGraw-Hill eBook Library™ unique isn’t just the quality of content, but the flexibility and other advantages it gives to institutions, including:




  • Complete texts of 1100+ titles in high-demand subject areas: Business; Engineering & Computing; Student Exam Prep and World Language study aids; Medical Resources (including the First Aid series of medical school exam study guides)
  • Flexible subscription plans –with new books continually added at no cost to subscribing institutions
  • Unlimited concurrently usage for all library patrons; full-time on-demand availability of usage statistics; and the highest quality MARC records

To learn more and take a guided tour, visit the McGraw-Hill eBook Library™ today.

Inquire now to learn how your institution can receive a 30-day free trial upon of the McGraw-Hill eBook Library™