Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazzana of sales force consulting and training firm Vantage Point Performance sifted through mountains of sales data, tools, and metrics. What they discovered surprised them:

Only 17% of the things that managers are managing can actually be managed; that means 80% of the metrics uncovered with new CRM tools are based on things sales managers can’t event control. So they talked to sales forces at leading companies to see how they were using the numbers, how they were coaching their teams, and what was working. What they uncovered was a hidden sales management code.

A code that clarifies which metrics are valuable to sales performance and which are just noise; that helps sales managers predict more productively; that provides an operating manual for sales managers. That operating manual, Cracking the Sales Management Code, is available this Fall. For now, here’s a sneak peak into how Jason and Michelle cracked the code:


For more information, check out www.crackingthesalesmanagementcode.com