You may have heard that The McGraw-Hill Companies are dedicated to making products and services that create a smarter, better world, and helping our customers thrive in a knowledge economy. One way we help create this smarter, better world is by aligning our business goals with a social and environmental strategy. To that end, the McGraw-Hill Corporate Responsibility Annual Report was just released, showing that we’re well on our way to making the world smarter and better. Here’s a quick overview:






In 2010 The McGraw-Hill Companies:

  • Reduced our paper consumption by 2 million pounds
  • Spent a combined 12,000 hours doing community service
  • Reached 100,000 students through our Financial Literacy Campaign
  • Place 39 out of 50 in Newsweek’s Green Rankings

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read the Full Report!