In this new LearnMore series, global business leader Herta Von Stiegel takes you through Leadership Bootcamp, based on lessons from her new book, The Mountain Within. This week’s lesson is “Always Place Mission Before Ego.”

“I am on my ‘woliday’ (a newly coined term for “working holiday”) on the Costa del Sol in Spain, a place that is true to its name.  But while the sun is shining, the global markets are falling dramatically and the crisis in the Middle East is intensifying.   Lawmakers in the United States have left us with the impression that their vacations are more important to them than the devastating impact their indecision has had on the country and on the markets all over the world.

What is causing leaders who hold positions of trust to be more concerned about their egos and their own future than about the well being of the people they are supposed to lead and serve?   All of us in positions of leadership must recognize that the mission is always more important than our egos.  The leaders who have the most positive impact are very humble and gracious.  They understand their calling and know that they are not indispensable.  They fulfill their purpose and move on.

How can you insure that today you will be mission-focused?  Here are  a few key suggestions:

  • Choose to be people focused.
  • Maintain an ongoing dialogue with the people you are leading.
  • Allow persons you trust to hold you accountable.
  • Stay vigilant and disciplined.  It is very easy to indulge your ego at the expense of your vision and mission.”


For more insight into placing mission before ego, check out Chapter 12 of Herta’s new book, The Mountain Within.