Now that universities are using social media, are the days of the classic college visit road trip coming to an end?  Will a Facebook wall or YouTube virtual campus tour replace a stroll around the dorms, or peeks into classes in action?

US News & World Report writes that universities employing social media tools are changing – perhaps even enhancing – the admissions process.  Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook can offer much more pertinent information about a school than a polished admissions book; posts are up-to-the-minute, posted with personality and immediacy, offering a unique glimpse at day to day life on campus that can’t be conveyed in admissions materials.

“Likeable Social Media” author Dave Kerpen tells US News that additional tech tools like Skype can be incredibly useful for a potential student on the other side of the country – or the planet.  And YourCampus360 offers an unique way of visiting a campus without ever leaving the comfort of your pajamas. 

Flickr galleries, YouTube tours, and Facebook groups may not bring about an end of the days of the classic college road trip experience, but instead offers additional views and opinions of a college experience that can help a perspective student make a more informed decision. What do you think? Read the full article here.