McGraw-Hill CompTIA Security+ training resourcesKeeping IT certification both relevant and flexible can be a daunting goal for individuals and institutions alike, given the oftentimes obscure nature of IT services, today’s fast-evolving technologies, threats, and end-user needs. To meet these demands, CompTIA, the leading independent global source of professional IT certifications, have helped countless IT workers acquire and build the security skills and credentials that help organizations combat cyber threats.

The issue of how best to prepare IT professionals to meet these challenges is the subject of a new white paper issued by CompTIA, “Credentialing the Cybersecurity Workforce: Insights into the Certification Process,” which addresses the complex matters of credentialing and compliance, as well as other issues related to the development, dissemination, and updating of IT security certifications as a way private and and public institutions can maintain robust, transparent networks and systems. As a Gold-Level Authorized Program Partner, McGraw-Hill supports CompTIA’s efforts by providing the self-study training materials that prepare IT professionals today for the challenges of tomorrow.