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From evil geniuses building robots to nurses studying to stay on the cutting edge of technology – from entrepreneurs working to bring a concept to reality to millions of students hoping to ace their tests this coming term – McGraw-Hill is talking to all of you!  LearnMore

The Biggest Key to Salary Negotiation: Preparation

“Do Your Homework!”  It cannot be stressed enough: To get more money on your next job, there’s no better thing you can do than to know the hiring company’s salary ranges, and to understand the market-value of your skills and experience.  LearnMore

Here’s Help for Students Who Struggle with with Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions

Pronouns and prepositions can be some of the most challenging aspects of learning the Spanish language. They torment students and perplex teachers trying to help them overcome tricky usage rules and guidelines. Simply put, for learning there is no substitute for listening to and practicing usages.  LearnMore

There’s a Word for Sales People Who Aren’t Value Generators: Unemployed

When was the last time that you succeeded in getting to a “live” prospect when making prospecting calls? The sad truth is, a lack of result attained in cold-calling today has little to do with your prospecting skills–and everything to do with the fact that decision-makers no longer have to take your call.  LearnMore

Show Us what You Know: First Aid USMLE Step 1 Q&A: Pathology

A 57-year-old man is brought to the emergency department because of blurry vision, difficulty standing, and mental confusion.  LearnMore

Congratulations, Oregon! New Medical School Opens recently reported that a new Osteopathic medical school has opened in Lebanon Oregon.  “This represents the opening of the first new medical school in over a century in Oregon,” said Dean Paula Crone.  Learn how this new school will positively affect this small town.  LearnMore

Debt is an Inescapable Part of Becoming a Doctor

In the Health section of the New York Times they reported that the amount of money medical students are paying for their education is skyrocketing. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, which has been trying to address the problem for nearly a decade, young doctors who graduated from medical school last year had...  LearnMore