You hear the names in the news everyday — Solyndra solar panel company under investigation, NewsCorp‘s phone hacking scandal, Toyota product recalls.  Not all brand disasters have to be a BP- or Goldman Sachs-sized scandal. No company is immune. Many of the companies wracked by federal investigation, product recalls and other brand bombs never come back from these scandals (Enron anyone?). But others are able to manage their way out of potential brand meltdown – and even thrive! It has nothing to do with luck – it’s a well-orchestrated brand turnaround, and it can be replicated with a few game-changing strategies.

Known by many as the Brand Diva®, Karen Post is an international branding/marketing expert, professional speaker and author. She helps individuals, businesses and nonprofits around world succeed with powerful, distinct brands. In this trailer for her upcoming book, Brand Turnaround, Karen gives you a sneak peek to the 7 game changers in brand recovery.