Have you ever walked into a room only to realize you don’t remember what you went in there for?  You stand there and try to remember but just end up wasting time instead.  Now image involving another party in this situation.  You’re communicating with a customer but you can’t articulate the conversation’s purpose!  How much time do you spend on aimless conversations?

Sales leadership coach, Don Brown, co-author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There in Sales says there are really only three reasons to communicate. Try using the following to firm up your intent before you engage someone:

To Relate – to establish or maintain an association; if this is the case, respect social rituals, take turns talking and listening, allow sufficient time and minimize distractions.

To Influence – to sway or affect another; this takes establishing, committing and reinforcing…in that order. Know where you are in that sequence.

To Inform – to transfer knowledge or create awareness; first check your facts (get your data straight), translate data into meaning for them and echo their responses to verify understanding.

To Learn More, watch as Don demonstrates the principle of “Communicating With Purpose.”


Don Brown dedicates his career to sales, service and leadership effectiveness – period. Bilingual and experienced at the executive and line-level alike, you see the results of his work across dozens of industries, including brewing, automotive, airline, banking and pharmaceuticals. Don cherishes his work and mentorship under Paul Hersey and Marshall Goldsmith as the solid foundation of his success in creating several highly successful training programs, including; Situational Service®, From Vision to Results™, Situational Leadership® In A Team Environment, Situational Selling® – Creating Readiness to Buy, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – in Sales.