Larry Swedroe; Investment Mistakes Even Smart People Make; 0071786821; New York Times Money TalkThe answer depends on, as Lieber tells New York Times‘s “Your Money” section readers, whether one wants to “earn whatever return you need to meet your goals while taking the least amount of risk.” 

The “Larry” in question is Larry Swedroe, who wears many hats: director of research and a principal at The Buckingham Family of Financial Services; CBS News MoneyWatch blogger;  author  or co-author of ten books on money and investing, including Investment Mistakes Even Smart People Make (and How to Avoid Them). And the investment fund in question (dubbed the “Larry Fund“), merges small-cap mutual funds with other stable investment vehicles to offer steady returns over time — within .02 of the S&P index from 1970 – 2010, albeit at much lower risk.

So what’s the bigger story here? Read “Taking a Chance on the Larry Portfolio” to Learn More about Larry Swedroe and see his legendary approach to wealth-building in action.