If you missed the first #MHBizLive Twitter chat with Digital Leader author Erik Qualman on January 19, you missed a discussion  of digital legacy, inspiring leadership, and paying it forward in a digital world. Luckily, you can get the full chat contents here, and will continue the discussion with Erik and other top business thinkers @MHBusiness on Twitter:

@MHBusiness: #DigitalLeader released in Dec, and has been hailed by reviewers & leaders like Tony Hsieh. Now we get to hear Erik’s take on it


Q. First, what inspired you to write #Digitalleader?


@equalman: Why I wrote Digital Leader Teachers, moms, CEOs are struggling with how to lead their best life in these digital times.


Q: What is the biggest change you see for a leader in the new digital world?


@equalman: Good ? – Digital Leaders understand that being well rounded is often a hinderance to success. Niche is necessary.


Q: you say in the book “Digital Leaders are Made Not Born” Can you explain?


@equalman: Success this digital decade is a choice. Digital Leaders are Made Not Born.#DigitalLeaderBook provides a guide


@equalman: Also understand the will to be is up to me this digital decade.


Q: Reviewers have loved the Digital Deeds in #DigitalLeader. What’s the #1 Digital Deed readers should take action on now?


@equalman: Digital Leaders understand the necessity to Fail Forward, Fail Fast, Fail Better #DigitalLeaderBook


Q: Who are some of the most innovative digital leaders in today’s large companies?


@equalman: @brettbarash @zappos @g_pahud @Mark_Cuban @ScottMonty are all great digital leaders


Q: Can you tell is what S.T.A.M.P. means in 5 Tweets?


@equalman: 5 Keys to Influence and Success this Digital Decade (STAMP): #1 Simplify everything you do


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success & Influence this Digital Decade (STAMP):: #2 True – be true to your passion and yourself


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success & Influence this Digital Decade (STAMP):: #3 Act – focus on output vs. input.Produce something!


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success this Digital Decade (STAMP): #4 Map – be firm in your destination but flexible in path


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success & Influence this Digital Decade (STAMP):: #5 People – Network before you need your network.


Q: What are Digital Hugs (ch 17 of Digital Leader)?


@equalman: Digital Hugs = How can I lift someone up? I can I use social for social good? Think Post-It-Forward!


Q: you discuss creating a digital legacy in the #DigitalLeader – what’s yours?


@equalman: My desired #DigitalLegacy: He set the world record for making people smile… a Digital Dale Carnegie.