Companies commit vast resources to building brands that are “unique.” When it comes to building a team to make this investment pay off, however, most organizations are simply clueless about hiring people who fit in. In fact, nearly 90% of new hires fail– not because they lack the right skills, but because they lack the right attitude to fit the hiring business’s culture. Listen in February 28 at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time) as Marshall Goldsmith and bestselling author Mark Murphy team up to present “Hiring for Attiude,” a free LeadingNewsThought Leader TeleForum for jobseekers, managers, and HR/Training professionals.

In this informative session, moderated by Patricia Wheeler, Managing Partner of The Levin Group, a leadership advisory and executive coaching firm, Marshall and Mark take your calls as they discuss topics from Murphy’s new book,  Hiring for Attitude, including:

  • Ways today’s hiring managers are hiring for attitude  — and how you, as a jobseeker,  can learn from this change
  • Ways to use hiring for attitude to increase retention
  • What makes an applicant’s attitude the right fit for a business’s culture — and vice-versa
  • How the hiring landscape will change this year and in years to come
  • And key pointers for  “reading” a business’s culture through its online and social media presence.

Talk may be cheap, but the insights and strategies you’ll get from this free TeleForum are priceless. Register now to participate.