Whether you’re a small-business owner or corporate marketing professional, you need to be on social media today.  Learn from the experts how to be an iPhone Millionaire, achieve The Tao of Twitter, learn What the Plus+! is all about, and find your Pinterest Power.

Videos are a great way to market and sell your products and your business.  In fact, Michael Rosenblum, author of iPhone Millionaire, says “the less professional experience you have, the better off you are” and that iPhone you carry around with you everyday is “good enough to create professional-quality video.”  That’s right, you don’t need to be a film school graduate to create amazing videos.  Just remember a few things:

  • Great film making and great videos are about great stories and GREAT STORYTELLING
  • It’s all about the first shot
  • Have a conversation, tell a story — don’t write a script

You’re already on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and 10 other social media sites.  Why do you need to be on Google+ too?  Guy Kawasaki, author of What the Plus!, says Twitter is for perceptions, Facebook is for people, but Google+ is for PASSIONS.  How do you master Google+?  Do as Guy would:

  • Use circles: Circles are one of the most important Google+ concepts.  They allow you to fine-tune the stream of content that you consume and determine what content people receive from you.
  • Google+ is more photo oriented than Facebook and Twitter.  Invest the time to find and create good photos for your posts.
  • Experiment with different content.  The same things that work on Facebook and Twitter might not work for you on Google+.

Pinterest has become the fastest growing social media site and using this social media platform can generate a huge increase in traffic to your site.  Pinterest expert Jason Miles and author of Pinterest Power, can share how you can take advantage of this powerful tool.

  • Use your business Facebook or Twitter profile to set up your Pinterest account so it makes it easier to invite the fans and follower you already have to join and follow you.
  • Always pin an image from the original source, using the article URL to ensure it links back to the appropriate page on your website.
  • Give more than you receive; avoid blatant self-promotion

Mark Schaefer can teach you how to achieve The Tao of Twitter (in 140 characters or less!) through:

  • Targeted connections: Find a balance between quantity and quality
  • Meaningful content: Provide consistent and compelling content.  The core measure of most social scoring systems is the ability to show how many and how often people react to your tweets.
  • Authentic helpfulness: If you’re generous and gracious without expecting anything in return, people will go out of their way to look out for you.

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