A guest post from Ro Khanna, former deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce:

There is tremendous energy on the convention floor at the DNC. The central theme has been how to provide opportunity and jobs for the middle class. Michelle Obama’s portrayal of her father as a man who worked every day, despite his illness, for the sake of his family brought tears to many delegates’ eyes.  It was a story of the type of hard work and personal dignity that helped build America. In Entrepreneurial Nation, many of the manufacturers I profile embody the same values as the First Lady’s father.

Yesterday President Clinton made the case for finding common ground around an economic growth agenda. His message called out the opportunities in continuing to create an agenda that will help manufactures and small and medium businesses succeed.

One of the great aspects of being in Charlotte is seeing the extraordinary diversity of the delegates! It is a glimpse of the future of America, which will give us a tremendous competitive advantage in a global economy.