There’s a good chance that you’ve seen—or will soon see—a new Tasti D-Lite pop up in your area. The low-fat dessert company is experiencing explosive growth and opening stores everywhere. One of the secrets to the Tasti D-Lite’s stunning success is its sophisticated approach to social media marketing.

In their new book The Tasti D-Lite Way, the company’s Chairman/CEO and VP of Technology explain how they successfully drive customer excitement through real engagement over mobile and location-based services. They also explain the power of restraint: Marketers can become too eager to move their efforts into the “next big thing.” But getting too far ahead puts you in the position of pushing customers into behaviors for which they are not prepared.  Aside from the impact on the customer, it may be years before a technology investment pays off, if it ever does.

Tasti D-Lite turns 25 years old this month. Learn more here.