New Yorkers like to think they’ve seen it all. But starting today at the Jacob Javits Center on the West Side, even the most seasoned denizen of the Big Apple might be in for a surprise.

From October 11-14, Comic-Con descends on NYC and, with it, comes an army of freaks, geeks, and comic book die-hards dressed to the nines in outrageous superhero getups.

Comic-Con is a spectacle to be sure—but it’s also big business, as Rob Salkowitz points out in his new book Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture. Salkowitz shows that in a nation obsessed with pop culture, Comic-Con is a crystal ball for the future of many industries. “The challenges faced by the comics and pop culture industry . . . mirror those facing others in entertainment, content, high tech, marketing, and communications,” he writes.

Business leaders can learn much from Comic-Con about the complexities of today’s global, transmedia environment; disruptive changes in the delivery/distribution platform; marketing to different generations; and the tension between centralization and democratization in the creative industry.

All this from Comic-Con NYC? You bet.


See Rob Salkowitz speak at Comic-Con NYC:

ICv2 Conference on Comics and Digital II

Embrace the Future!

October 10, 2012

Location: Javits Center room room 1A01

Wednesday, 1pm – 5pm