Whether you run a company or oversee a staff of two people, you are a business leader.  But in today’s over-pressurized business environment, this simple fact is easy to forget. We develop bad habits. We fall into ruts. We focus more on completing personal tasks—and less on our number-one priority: People.

But when you commit yourself completely to leadership, the rewards far outweigh the efforts. “The chance to motivate, inspire, direct, and serve others is truly thrilling,” writes James Robbins in his new leadership book Nine Minutes on Monday. “Leadership is a journey and one that requires consistent attention in order to avoid stagnation. With the demands on managers today, it is imperative that we continue to evolve, improve, and reinvent ourselves.”

Robbins points out that in order to accomplish this, you must move out of your comfort zone. “There have been moments in my life when I have found myself slipping into a safe and predictable routine—where my leadership seemed to be on autopilot. Looking back these are the times with the fewest memories, the smallest amounts of growth, and most certainly the times of little impact.”

Have you ever experienced this? Are you in your comfort zone as you read this? Are you stagnating?

It’s time to take calculated risks, embrace uncertainty, and become the kind of leader you were meant to be.


Your career and your life—and the careers and lives of those you lead—depend on it.