On CBS This Morning this week, Warren Buffett expressed little concern over the “fiscal cliff,” saying that he believes a deal will be reached—and that even if it’s not, it won’t do much harm to the economy. Buffett’s insight should be taken seriously. He is, after all, not just one of today’s greatest investors—he’s a master dealmaker, as well.

In their new book, How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett, Tom Searcy and Henry Devries explain 101 “Warren Ways” for closing big deals. “The man knows how to talk about money when he’s making deals,” they write. “What he has when he goes into any conversation is an encyclopedic knowledge of how businesses work financially. He knows about ‘their money,’ ‘their wallet,’ and how investments and outcomes should work.”

Rest assured: As Democrats and Republicans battle it out in the public sphere over cutting spending and raising taxes to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff,’ they’re doing the real negotiating behind closed doors.

Let’s hope they’re applying Warren Way #3: Integrity Matters.