Don’t be the last one in the game!  GAMIFICATION REVOLUTION will show you how!

Gamification uses the latest innovations from game design, loyalty programs, and behavioral economics to help you raise engagement while also increasing revenue and social media traffic. Why gamification, and why now? Today’s generation expects some level of game-based interaction at work. CNN, Google, Kickstarter, IBM, and United Airlines are just some of the successful companies using gamification. The Gamification Revolution will help you: 

• Recruit and retain top talent
• Motivate staff with noncash incentives
• Cut through the market noise and ignite sales growth
• Drive customer loyalty without breaking the bank

With case studies from Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Delta, the U.S. Army, Target, and other leading companies, gaming isn’t just a megatrend—it’s about a social phenomenon.

Here is a clip of author Gabe Zichermann discussing gaming :


Meet author Gabe Zichermann at the Gamification Summit 2013!
The GSummit 2013 in San Francisco, April 16-18, is a gathering of top experts in engaging design. From loyalty to the enterprise, government to education, and philanthropy to entertainment, gamification is changing the world — and GSummit is the community catalyst. Gabe Zichermann, Chair of the Summit, will be running the Advanced Gamification Workshop, which explores the technical and architectural considerations for designers in this burgeoning field. He will be signing copies of The Gamification Revolution at the event.