Imagine that you suddenly have access to a massive new business resource. It can be used to build new companies that deliver better healthcare, offer in-depth investment tools, provide energy more efficiently, improve transportation, or offer a wide range of consumer services through mobile apps and the web. It can help established companies learn what their customers really think about them, spot market trends early on, and choose the best business partners while avoiding the riskiest ones. It can speed up scientific research by an order of magnitude. And while it takes money and effort to develop these opportunities, the essential resource itself is free.

Joel Gurin author of Open Data Now, discusses Open Data, government transparency, and business applications. Gurin has served as chair of the White House Task Force on Smart Disclosure, using Open Data to help consumers make informed choices on healthcare, financial services, education, and energy. An award-winning science journalist, he is currently senior advisor at the GovLab at New York University.

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In Leading with Data: Boost Your ROI with Open and Big Data Joel Gurin and Prasanna Tambe will discuss the differences and implications of open data and big data, how they are creating new jobs and businesses, and how data can be utilized.

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