It’s that time of the year again and shorty we’ll be in Washington, DC for this year’s ASTD International Conference and Expo.

We are excited to see returning attendees and meet first timers!  Visit our booth (#401) for talks from the experts, author signings, book giveaways, and for your chance to win a new Kindle Paperwhite, loaded with 25 of our bestselling books.  Discover what’s new in the world of HR and training and get great, free talent development tools to bring back to the office.

McGraw-Hill Professional Booth #401

Monday, May 5th

[9:30 am] Big Red Bag Giveaway
[10:30 am] Book signing with Bob Vanourek, author of Triple Crown Leadership
[11:30 am] Book Signing (RSVP here) with Ron McMillan, author of Crucial Conversations

[12:30 pm] Book signing with Paul Meshanko, author of The Respect Effect
[2:45 pm] Book Signing (RSVP here) with Ken Blanchard & Kathy Cuff, authors of Legendary Service

Tuesday, May 6th

[9:30 am] Big Red Bag Giveaway
[12:00 pm] Author talk (RSVP here) with Chris Chopyak, author of Picture Your Business Strategy: Strategic Illustration Demonstration
[12:30 pm] Book signing with John Zenger & Joe Folkman, authors of How to Be Exceptional
[1:00 pm] Author talk (RSVP here) with David Sturt, author of Great Work: Make a Difference People Love
[2:00 pm] Book Signing with Dianna Booher, author of Communicate with Confidence
[3:00 pm] Author talk (RSVP here) with Walt McFarland & Susan Goldsworthy, authors of Choosing Change: The 5 D’s For Success


Wednesday May 7th

[10:00 am] Book signing with Linda Richardson, author of Changing the Sales Conversation


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