I am an editor who likes to publish books on subjects that can change people’s lives and solve problems. For that reason, when I had the opportunity to publish a book with AARP on how to organize and prioritize your finances as you reach retirement, I jumped at the chance. There are approximately 77 million Baby Boomers in the U.S., and many of them have not had a conversation about crucial matters regarding their upcoming senior years with their adult children and other family members. The “other talk” is a harder talk to have with our children than the Big Talk about sex was, when our kids were young—but it is hugely important that we have this conversation. I believe that if we don’t have the other talk with our loved ones while we still can, we run the risk of having critical decisions about finances, home, and healthcare made without our input.  AARP THE OTHER TALK is the only book that shows us step by step how to organize and prioritize our wish lists and vital data about our future needs—and communicate these important things with our loved ones.

This has been an exciting project for me. Written by Tim Prosch, a former marketing executive who has made spreading the word about the other talk his life’s mission, this book has touched a chord with AARP readers and the media. We got a terrific article about the book in The New York Times, and the Washington Post chose AARP THE OTHER TALK as the April selection for the Color of Money Book Club. Sales are stronger than ever seven months after publication because the book solves a problem and offers practical solutions—a proud moment for this editor.