The brilliant and impossibly clever artist known as @darth helped create the official banner for CLASH OF THE FINANCIAL PUNDITS. He’s included just about everyone who appears in the book.  It is based on the album cover of the 1967 Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

You’ve read the finance section of every major newspaper, magazine, newsletter, and blog on the Internet, as well as a countless number of tweets. But how do you separate the news from the noise? The facts from the frenzy? The informed insight from the wild guess?

Three words: READ THIS BOOK.

Written by fearless financial insiders Joshua Brown and Jeff Macke, CLASH OF THE FINANCIAL PUNDITS will help you distinguish Wall Street hype from real-world tips. It gives you the context you need to make informed decisions in a world where information inundates us around the clock.

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