This infographic, “The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution” is based on the content in The Digital Economy, Anniversary Edition.  In this book, author Don Tapscott states, “If
there has been one criticism of my work over the years it is that I have been too positive about the digital revolution, emphasizing only the upside. It’strue that I have been hopeful, even optimistic. This is particularly true when it comes to my polemics with the pundits who attack the first generation to grow up digital as being somehow inferior to past generations. My research shows that we can be very hopeful about the “Net Generation” (as I dubbed them in 1997 in Growing Up Digital) as the smartest generation ever, having the mental processes that equip them well for the digital age. However as the subtitle of The Digital Economy indicates ‘Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence,’ I don’t accept the criticism that I have been a digital Pollyanna.”

This infographic explores the darker side of the Digital Revolution and what these concerns mean for us today.