Key 1259589676_3DStephen Key poured everything he knew into the first edition of this book, One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work. Something seems to have worked: Since it was published in 2011, One Simple Idea has been translated into five other languages and is still a top seller on Amazon.

But what gives Stephen Key the most pleasure, by far, is hearing from people who have licensed their ideas simply by reading the book. They haven’t wasted their money paying for expensive patents. Sometimes they haven’t even built prototypes. They’ve exclusively relied on the ten simple steps outlined in One Simple Idea to get it done. The strategies work!

Why a second edition then?

Things have changed a great deal in four years. The opportunity to license ideas has never been greater, because open innovation is that much more popular. This edition contains new details and an even greater level of specificity when it comes to licensing ideas. For example, it includes the new strategies Key’s students are using to get in to potential licensees, like video sell sheets. It details how to get in by attending a trade show (cheaply). It teaches readers how to work with freelancers to bring their ideas to life with 3-D computer graphics. It explains what the new patent rules mean for inventors, as well as how to use intellectual property strategically from a business perspective. It further lays out how to negotiate so that everyone wins. It’s never been easier to stay current, to be inspired by what other creative people are doing, and to find the right home for your idea.

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